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What Not to Put in a Recycle Bin

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cleaners LondonEveryone is telling you what you have to put in your recycle bin, what you can recycle, where you can recycle it… But the professionals always forget to mention what not to put in a recycle bin. That’s why I contacted a professional from cleaning London services. He was very kind and explained to me exactly which items are not accepted in the recycling centres.

There are plenty of things that answer to the question what not to put in a recycle bin. Here, you will find just a few of them. I will share with you what I remember from the cleaners in London‘s advice.

1.Even that the “real” Christmas trees are recyclable, the artificial ones are not. That’s why they are from the group of things and items that you can’t recycle.

2.The cleaning London professionals explain that musical instruments can’t be recycled either, because they come in very different shapes, sizes and materials. You should better consider giving your musical instrument to a school of arts.

3.Another thing that you can’t recycle, these are the toys. The only way that you can recycle toys is if they are beyond repair. Then, you can separate their plastic and metal parts.

4.You can’t recycle milk bottles. Cleaners in London explain that you should return the glass bottles to your milkman. However, you can recycle other types of glass bottles, but only rinsed and separated by colour.

5.Books can’t be recycled with the other paper, because of the glue used to bind them. Cleaning London professionals note though that you can donate or resell your books.

These are just five of the things that you can’t recycle. Cleaning London team experts can help you with many more tips and details. Their advice on what not to put in a recycle bin will be instant, if you contact them. That’s why I recommend that you should call them and find out the answers to all of your “green” questions. Together we can save the Earth and preserve its supplies, but for that purpose we should be together.

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