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How to Remove Sweat Stains from Clothes

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The sweat stains on our clothes are something really embarrassing and unpleasant. They make us feel uncomfortable and not want to wear the stained piece of clothing any more. But if we put away every shirt, t-shirt and blouse that has a sweat discolouration on it, we will have to buy new clothes every day. That is why we must learn how to remove these spots.

Most people whiten their clothes by adding bleach into the rinse cycle of their washing-machines. And this method is quite effective. There are a lot of other whitening products on the market, too, which can be used effectively against sweat stains and yellow armpits. If you go to a supermarket you’ll see that there is a whole shelf of these products. How to choose one?

Well, most people choose a whitener according to its price, or using the trial and error method. The thing is, though, that these methods of choosing sometimes result in ruining the garment. That is why most deep cleaning services providers recommend the avoidance of commercial whiteners. Use natural products to whiten your clothes, instead. Here are a few techniques:

Before you start washing your sweat stained t-shirt, squeeze a lemon over the stains and let it stay for a few hours. Wash as usual afterwards. If you want you can soak the stained areas of your piece of clothing with white vinegar, instead of lemons. Or if the stains are too old and stubborn you can soak them with vinegar and rub some baking soda on them. Don’t rub too hard, though, because you might damage the fabrics.

Another effective whitening technique that Cleaner London recommends is to put a cup of vinegar into the rinse cycle of your washing-machine. You can do it with lemon juice, too, but you’ll need a lot of lemons to fill in a whole cup. You can also add a cup of baking soda. It will not only whiten the stained clothes, but will also deodorise them and remove the bad odour from them.

So, forget about whitening your clothes with bleach and other commercial whiteners. Use the techniques offered by Cleaner London and you won’t have any problems with the sweat stains. Your shirts’ armpits will always be as white as snow.

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