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How to Eliminate Cigarette Smoke Odor

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Getting rid of the stubborn cigarette smoke odor is one of the most frustrating and hard things to do. The bad smell can lingers for a very long time, including several months. Eliminating the odor usually requires several attempts with a combination of cleaners treatment. The basic thing you should do is to eliminate the noticeable odors first and then work your way around your home, removing stubborn tobacco smells for good.

In order to facilitate you in dealing with such problem cleaners in Kilburn provide the following tips on how to eliminate the unpleasant cigarette smoke odor from your living area:

A good start will be to place a bowl filled with vinegar in each of the smelly rooms of your home,. Vinegar have strong absorption qualities which will help you a lot in solving smell problems. Another option is to immerse a hand towel in vinegar. Wring it out until it’s almost dry and wipe the smelly surface with it.

When you sense the bad smell on your clothes , wash them. Don’ allow the cigarette odor to penetrate even dipper. Launder your garments as usual; regular detergent are effective enough to eliminate the cigarette odor. As additional care you may also include a 1/2 cup of baking soda to the load. However, you should never neglect the label instructions of your clothes.

To kill the bad smell struck in your carpeting and upholstery, sprinkle baking soda over the affected surface and allow it to sit overnight. After that vacuum as you normally would.

Next , fill a bucket halfway with warm water. Fill the rest with bleach. Stir thoroughly to dissolve the ingredients well enough. Fill a second bucket halfway with plain water. submerge a mop into the bleach mixture solution and wok with it on the smoke-filled walls in a up and down manner. Rinse the mop in the clean water before immersing it back into the bleach to loose the collected dirt.

To restore any affected furniture prepare a solution of several droplets of dish detergent and water in a clean bowl of water. Immerse a washrag in it. Wring out the excess liquid and wipe down furniture, computer equipment and other solid surfaces in the areas where you had cigarettes.

As a final effort you may put scented dryer sheets in bureau drawers.

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